The Chef Hall is the evolution of the Food Hall and is the solution to the chef driven restaurant problem. A Chef Hall is a curated food hall where all vendors are operated and owned by chefs, employing only cooks, and where a large percentage of the seats are chef counter seating. This type of arrangement allows for many advantages that will put Chefs in a situation where they can succeed.

  • Open kitchen on full display with chefs as the center of attraction.
  • Streamlined food service. Fine dining quality food with the speed of counter service.
  • Chefs can better guide guests through the culinary journey.
  • Get instant feed back from guests
  • Fun environment.

Thanks in large part to social media, consumers now are more educated and more up to date with the newest trends faster then ever before. Restaurants more then ever have to be innovative, leading the trends. A Chef Hall is a place where chefs can take risks and capture the public’s imagination and attention. A Chef Hall is where guests are willing and are expecting new things.