Felix Florez (Owner of Black Hill Ranch)

A former well-regarded sommelier, Felix developed a unique passion for ranching that took him down a path to becoming one of the most progressive leaders in sustainable ranching practices in the region. In 2011, Felix founded Black Hill Ranch. The ranch humanely raises heritage breed hogs, giving them space to roam and enjoy high-quality feed. Over the past few years, he has created a network of local farms and ranches operating under the same practices to add beef, goat and lamb to Black Hill Ranch’s offerings. Renowned restaurants such as Emeril’s, Café Boulud and Underbelly are among its clients in the region. Felix is also a partner at the popular local eatery and bar Ritual in the Heights, launched in early 2017.

With Bravery, Felix is introducing Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Kitchen. It will be a truly unique ranch-to-restaurant, wood-burning steakhouse.


Ben McPherson (Founder of Krisp Bird & Batter)

Ben has nearly 20 years of experience in the restaurant business with a wide range of styles. Formerly the Culinary Director at Prohibition Supper Club and Conservatory, Ben launched a fast casual restaurant concept Krisp Bird & Batter in 2016. He also served as Executive Chef at Batanga Houston, a Latin American restaurant bringing a “modern twist to traditional tapas.”

At Bravery, Ben will be unveiling a new pasta concept, BOH Pasta.



David Guerrero (Owner of Andes Café)

David opened Andes Café in EaDo in 2014, serving a variety of South American specialties. He had a successful run as the Executive Chef at Samba Grille prior, and his South American dishes became well-known within the community. After finding it to be a challenge to develop his passion within other restaurants, David stepped out on his own and launched Andes Cafe in 2014 in the East End.

David’s Bravery showcase, Nuna, will be featuring coastal Latin and market seafoods.



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